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FILM.6 映恋
後輩写真部員:時津 要(CV.梅原裕一郎)



Scene 1:意味がわからない
Scene 2:見えない気持ち
Scene 3:未定の未来
Scene 4:小さな変化
Scene 5:これが最後
Scene 6:特別な日は特別なデートを
Scene 7:甘く見ないで
Scene 8 : ずっと追いかけていく
Scene 9:Sweet Days(short ver.)/歌:SHOJI

キャスト :時津 要(CV.梅原裕一郎)

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发表于 2019-5-9 16:46:13
本帖最后由 葡萄和风信子 于 2019-5-9 16:49 编辑

First, thank you very much for sharing this! Being a fan of this series (and this couple), I enjoyed this CD thoroughly; their relationship was wholesome and I loved the moments of fluff.

CD started with Kaname being restless because he was trying to figure out how he could invite the heroine for a date to celebrate their anniversary, and the heroine jokingly asks if he's cheating on her, to which he responds with a denial in dialect (it was great that he spoke a lot more in dialect this time round; I dig it, ahahaha). And when the actual invitation was made... well, like Kaname, I was pretty much baffled too by the heroine's inexplicable behaviour (and also by how she ended up hanging up the call midway in the next track). :x

Regardless, trusting that the questionable attitude would be accounted for, I listened on without being very bothered anyway (and it was nice to hear his inner monologues; Kaname's such a considerate boyfriend! I really like how he obviously cherishes his girlfriend). Their date was quite enjoyable to listen to as well; I was smiling inwardly at Kaname's more flustered than usual response to the heroine's unusual attire, and the flashes of 独占欲 here and elsewhere in the CD were great. :thumbs up:

Anyhow, the pieces did eventually fall into place. The heroine's a rather clumsy person, or at the very least, she's more clumsy than I imagined her to be, and it's not a bad thing! I appreciate how she's trying in her own ways too to cherish their relationship. :) Scene 7 is probably my favourite scene in the entire CD (since I like a good mix of comedy and sweetness)! I think I had a silly grin plastered to my face throughout the entirety of the track. :X I actually laughed out loud when the heroine got Kaname to strip without thinking much of her action and then screamed afterwards when she saw his half-naked body. xD The last part of this track had a high concentration of fluff and I was cheering for the two to be even more lovey dovey LOL.

Final track was really sweet too. >< It's graduation and the heroine restrained herself from crying because she wanted to honour her promise to Kaname to cry only in front of him (okay, I can't remember the content from the first season so I'm not sure if it's just Kaname's wish or a shared promise). And so she did in his embrace. Again, her anxieties and insecurities surfaced, but Kaname reassured her strongly that she'd always hold the first place in his heart. Awww.  :-')  Following that, Kaname asked the heroine to refrain from saying cute things that would make him want to monopolise her even though he's an examinee, and judging from his response (アンタにはかなわん), the heroine probably replied that he's free to monopolise her to his heart's content. :D

Concluding thoughts? This couple is so cuteee urgh they make me incoherent. ORZ


Thank you once again for sharing this!


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